Sustainable winery

We are the footprint we leave behind

Environmental commitment to preserve and care for the environment

We cultivate our vineyards organically, using cultural techniques and environmentally friendly winemaking and ageing methods. Our vineyards are currently certified organic. We are also committed to vegan wines, using vegetable products instead of animal products in the winemaking process.

In this sense, we have the “ISO 14001” and “Wineries for Climate Protection” certificates. external recognition that the protection and care of the environment are imbued in the philosophy of the winery’s activity. ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems (EMS), which enables your organisation to identify, prioritise and manage environmental risks.

Wineries for
Climate Protection



Bodegas Illana

Tradition, craftsmanship and a strong family spirit

Nestled in the heart of Finca Buenavista, Bodegas Illana is a symbol of tradition and modernity. Surrounded by a sea of vineyards, our facilities not only offer a breathtaking panoramic view but also embody the perfect fusion of traditional winemaking techniques and modern technological advances.

Innovation and quality

Commitment to excellence

The heart and soul of Bodegas Illana lies in our innovative winemaking technologies, which, combined with the exceptional quality of our grapes, allow us to create wines of unparalleled quality.

Our winery, dedicated exclusively to bottled wine, reflects our passion for transforming the grapes grown on our property into exquisite wines.

History and tradition

Four generations of wine passion

Since King Philip IV granted us the Finca Buenavista estate in 1626, Bodegas Illana has witnessed a rich winemaking history. Today, in its fourth generation, the Illana family keeps the legacy of viticulture alive with the same passion and commitment. In the heart of the Ribera del Júcar, we proudly produce wines from Cuenca, faithful to our origins and our land.

About us

A shared vision

The day-to-day running of Bodegas Illana is a team effort led by Javier, who passionately dedicates himself to the vineyards and other crops on the estate. This joint effort ensures that each bottle of wine reflects the quality and unique character of our land.

More than a Bodega, a home

We understand that behind every bottle of our prized wine is a committed and passionate team. We are proud to introduce you to those who make possible the magic that lies within each of our vintages.

Emilio: Winemaker and Cellar Manager.

Mari Pili: Maintenance and orders

Josefa: Administration Manager

Fernando: Bottling Manager

Javier: CEO

Alberto: Winery and vineyard technical manager

Lucía: Administration, suppliers and orders.


Visit our winery

Enjoy the warmth of our home and get a better understanding of wine processes

Enjoy wine tourism in the province of Cuenca with Bodegas Illana. At Bodegas Illana we want to share our winemaking philosophy in a friendly and familiar space. We will visit the facilities of the family winery located around our vineyard in Finca Buenavista, and we will taste some of the wines we produce, in a guided tour led by our experts.

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